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Why and how IT hirers should embrace social media

            I was amazed to learn this week that a UK firm, one that is a major user of technology to deliver its services and a large employer of millennials … bans its staff from using social media during office hours. It got me thinking. …

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Project Scoping

Project Scoping: Steps For The Most Accurate Approach

Managing a project’s scope can be one of the most daunting and complicated tasks faced in today’s businesses. Project scope simply defines the functions or the features that are to be included in a service or product. Managing what to include and what to take out when perfecting a product …

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project management for small businesses

Small Businesses Need Project Management

Often when we are writing, reading or talking about project management there is the tendency to assume it is all about major corporations managing multi-million pound projects. But project management is not just for large companies; project management is just as crucial for small businesses, and if a project-centric approach …

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