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poor planning causes project failure

Why Poor Project Planning Is The Leading Cause Of Project Failure

When it comes to project management, adequate definition of the project’s scope and a proper planning phase are critical to the likelihood of success. In fact, poor project planning is the sure recipe to a project’s failure. Without a proper plan of execution, then achieving goals that should otherwise be …

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project management job description

Writing an effective project management job description

If you want to find a great project manager for your business, you need a great project management job description. When it comes to recruiting the best talent, so many businesses get it wrong from the beginning. This is because they provide a vague job description that doesn’t really reveal …

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agile project management

4 Insights into Agile Project Management

Contrary to the traditional Waterfall Model, the future of project management is becoming more Agile. In fact, approximately 71% of businesses reported to occasionally or always use Agile approaches. Why? Because Agile projects have a bigger success rate, 28% to be precise, than dated project management styles.   So, what exactly …

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