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gathering requirements for a project

The Core Skills of a Business Analyst in Today’s World

It has only been recently that business analysis has become officially recognised as an independent profession. Since 2013, the number of job openings in this field has been increasing along with demand for qualified professionals who can plan and implement the most effective strategies for business growth. If you are …

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Anger - Negative Emotions at Work

Negative Emotions in the Work Environment

Here we look at negative emotions that you can experience in your role as a business analyst and what you can do to control those emotions.     Anger   Anger is an awful emotion and often one that makes many of us feel out of control. If you are …

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APM Project Fundamentals

Project Management for Newbies

It’s well understood that any type of project will benefit from standard project management tools and techniques. Whether that project involves a single, co-located team or is a highly complex undertaking involving a range of teams in different disciplines. But for those new to the field or hoping to start …

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