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project facilitator

Come in the Project Facilitator

A project manager is often expected to deal with a whole range of situations that might not strictly be part of their role. They will often need diplomacy and tact to handle delicate situations, frayed tempers and personality clashes.   In theory, at least, the role of the project manager …

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Managing time on a project

The Day Of Your PMP Exam – Tips For Success

The time has come for your project management exam. It is daunting, but these useful tips will help you feel more confident in the task in hand.   You have devoted thousands of hours to working on projects and have sat through hour upon hour of PM training courses. You …

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gathering requirements for a project

The Core Skills of a Business Analyst in Today’s World

It has only been recently that business analysis has become officially recognised as an independent profession. Since 2013, the number of job openings in this field has been increasing along with demand for qualified professionals who can plan and implement the most effective strategies for business growth. If you are …

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