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kick-off meeting

Successful Kick-Off Meeting Tips for Business Analysts

The initial meetings that are held before a project is finally given the green light t go ahead can set the tone for everything that follows so, as a business analyst, make sure you understand what constitutes a successful kick-off meeting for your next project. And make sure you are …

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self organising team

Creating a Self-Organising Team

All business analysts should be aware of the modern management philosophy regarding self-organising teams. This is where individuals are empowered to influence the decision-making process on a project and have the authority to change their workload as required. The reason this approach has become popular (not to mention effective) is …

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emotional intelligence for business analysts

Emotional Intelligence for Business Analysts

Emotional intelligence is important in all aspects of our personal and work life and without it we may never reach our full potential. You may be able to solve complex problems, but if you can’t interact well with colleagues then you are limiting your opportunities. Emotional intelligence has four key …

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