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IT & Project Recruitment

Values create value: Hire culturally aligned IT talent

Sat on a train, I overheard a refreshing view on IT recruitment this week. I was trying not to listen to the conversation the chap opposite was having with his office, but you know how it is!? The man mentioned IT Project Management and was discussing a strategic hire that …

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IT & Project Management

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for?

Need an alternative to IT project apps? The Project Management app market seems to be saturated, each promising that theirs is the definitive solution. It’s like diets and self-help books! If each is so great why do we need so many? It does make choosing the right one very hard. …

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project management in the gig economy

Projects in the gig economy: 5 crucial tips for organizations

The gig economy is here to stay. For example, over 15% of workers are ‘self employed’ in the UK today. This means that the earlier you adapt, the more likely you are to reap long-term benefits. From hiring patterns to retention programmes, the gig economy calls for a deep review …

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