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project management for small businesses

Small Businesses Need Project Management

Often when we are writing, reading or talking about project management there is the tendency to assume it is all about major corporations managing multi-million pound projects. But project management is not just for large companies; project management is just as crucial for small businesses, and if a project-centric approach …

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managing youthful teams

Maximize Your Millennials: Management for Youthful Teams

One thing’s for certain if you have a really young team – there’ll be loads of energy going around. Meetings can be like a convention of Energizer bunnies. This is a good thing and you can definitely capitalize on their boundless energy especially when you have projects to accomplish.   …

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golden rules of project management

6 Golden Rules of Project Management

A project manager’s position carries a lot of responsibilities, and for those who find themselves in this position for the first time in their career, there are many challenges that lie ahead. However, you will gradually get used to it, and become more efficient with every subsequent project. Since project …

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