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5 Reasons to Consider Project Management for E-Commerce

project management software

Project management- it’s definitely the most fundamental way for organizations to optimize processes, making certain that they offer the highest level of competence and productivity. Small to medium-sized businesses need to juggle a number of tasks, plan, people and projects at the same time – project management software can help …

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The Benefits of Resource Management

people resource management

Resource management is a discipline that was conceived primarily to complement the efforts of different project management techniques by facilitating the optimal and sustainable utilisation of all project resources. In the light of project management, resource management refers to the scientific process that regulates and allocates resources on to projects …

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Let’s All Learn from the Business Analysts

setting project expectations

Business analysis involves defining, scoping and prioritising initiatives (usually projects) and, particularly on complex projects, is an essential first step and then a continuing process as requirements change along the way (as they nearly always do). Thorough business analysis ensures the goals and objectives of the project are clear, which …

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Scrum – A Basic Overview

Scrum is an extremely popular agile project management method. Here we look at a brief overview, so you can understand the benefits and consider introducing it to your organisation. Projects are temporary activities with a defined start and finish. They are undertaken to meet unique goals and objectives. Projects are …

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