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Six Tips for Planning a Project

When it comes to project management, every project manager has a different approach. Project management planning depends a lot on the manager’s perspective, the size of the project, and how cautious the project manager wants to be. Also, one project planning framework cannot work for every project that a manager …

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Minding Your Ps and Qs

  I have been thinking a lot lately about all the many IT projects I have previously managed in the oil industry and in the “city” (I hardly dare say investment banking in the current economic climate, even though I was not one of the big bonus earning crowd).   …

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Project Management Glossary

  Accountability – The obligation to report on one’s actions. Activity – Any work performed on a project. May be synonymous with task but in some cases it may be a specific level in the WBS (e.g., a phase is broken down into a set of activities, activities into a …

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